How to make papier mache pulp to create storytelling people and props!

This is part one of three tutorials about how to make papier mache pulp with children.In part one we make the basic pulp. In part two we will shape it, create a surface that is easily painted on it once it’s dry, and part three will show the variety of ways the pulp can be used for making people,bridges, trolls, animals. Also I will demonstrate how to use the pulp to strengthen and reinforce larger constructions like castle, theatres and mini kingdoms! Please subscribe to my youtube channel (it doesn’t cost you anything!) and also check out the Tibetan folk tale that incorporates some little papier mache people, soldiers, and ‘wise men’!

Back of Burnie’s Hill

A lovely simple finger play to tell. It has the same sort of pattern as the house that jack built, as each ‘image’ leads logically to the next. Great for neural pathways, and if you have trouble remembering the sequence, just draw a little image of each stage and then you and the children can ‘read’ it while telling the story together, using your hands and your eyes and your imaginations!

Mrs Wiggle and Mrs Waggle

This is the first story I told for my 100 day storytelling challenge: to tell 100 stories in 100 days in hopefully 100 different ways. This story uses my thumbs for the two starring characters and it is a wonderful story to tell as a beginner storyteller. You can just watch your thumbs with an interested and focused face and ignore the audience!! Also if you are fascinated by your thumbs, your listeners will be too. We are all hardwired to experience limbic resonance through our mirror neurons and so the most important thing probably is that you enjoy yourself…. especially your mistakes. Children get so bored of experts! Have a go, invite the children to join you in the hand and arm gestures and you will be sweet. Next time, you can take Mrs Wiggle and Mrs Waggle somewhere that you and the children really want to go. (Storytelling tip: I always keep Mrs Waggle on my left hand, and Mrs Wiggle on the right. That way, they read alphabetically from left to right, and I don’t get muddled!)