The seven stages of adding embellishments to a wet-felted item.

Stages of adding embellishments…..

It’s been a whole year. It’s time to get savvy with my website again. Here we go.This is a synopsis of a key part of my workshops whether it be storytelling mats, bags, wristwarmers, hats, vessels, pods, hangings or table runners….. Stages of adding embellishments, with photos.docx

This document (in the link) is to prepare people for what to expect when they come to a wet felting workshop and to give them some idea of the process. This underwater piece that was a demonstration creation during a class, showing how all the different prefelts, fabrics, yarns and silks and more could be incorporated to create a beautifully colourful composition and design.

p.s I also lead eco-printing workshops with eucalyptus leaves and onion skins, plus plus… but that is another story. I really must update my website and write about what I am currently up to!!