Storytelling workshops

Christchurch September 11th, 12th and 13th, 2019. Playful storytelling and oral literacy. A few spaces still available. Information on location, costs and times can be found in this following link! I hope you can make it… still a faint possibility that I could fit something in on Saturday morning, but probably a crazy idea! Playful-storytelling-and-oral-literacy-workshops-in-Christchurch.-Sept.-2019

Storytelling workshops cost between $350 and $400 for a 2 1/2 hour workshop in Auckland , with added travel costs when appropriate.

I am not GST registered but/and I charge 70c per kilometre for travel.

I am also available for  parent evenings, contract lecturing or team building sessions. Team building sessions can centre around any of the following: play, story telling, papier mache creations,  loose parts, or wool felting.

Storytelling games and exercises also provide  great material for a team building workshop, relying as they do on spontaneity, trust,  playfulness and a certain willingness to be seen and heard! It’s fun!

The next available workshop on storytelling focuses on the children’s stories which was ‘told’, improvised, discovered, played out … and more.. in every corner of each centre, all day long. But how do we document, honour , celebrate and encourage this powerful groundwork for becoming orally literate, not to mention able to write?  Come and see what some of your options might be! This event is at the Toymakers’ Cottage in Grey Lynn on Saturday October 27th.Honouring-their-stories

I am offering an oral storytelling workshop on Thursday  from 6.45 till 9.15 pm at the Tree House in Richmond, Nelson.  $50 per person.  Nelson-the-Tree-house-evening.This is the link for the event.

Wet felt your own storytelling mat. This is also in Nelson and is  now almost fully booked.Storytelling-Mat-Workshop-Nelson-Nov-3rd$80


Wet felting workshops

Wet felting workshops usually happen in Laingholm, from 9.30am till 3.00pm  and the standard price is $85 per person (four people per class).

If you want to make a storytelling mat, then this would be something to spend the entire day on, and I take only three people at a time ( they take quite a lot of room to lay out, because one has to allow for shrinkage) and the cost is $120 per person.

I can also travel to you, and I am open to negotiation for shorter classes, younger age groups, and different course content and so on. Normally a beginner group would make one 2D piece and one 3D piece, like a vessel. But really the world is your oyster. Check out the gallery images for some ideas of what one might make. Hats and bags are certainly an option but not the fancy dancy ones!!