Eco-botanical printing on fabric and paper

This is my latest passion, the fruits of the second lockdown, when there was time to pluck gorse flowers and make my own dye, time to contemplate the shapes and qualities of leaves and flowers, as well as time to study and experiment and play with endless, mindblowing possible  variations! Here are some of the results:

Printed using yellow oxalis and Herb Robert
Eco-printed cards, using yellow oxalis weed!
Eco-printing on linen, with the use of logwood
Ecoprinting with logwood, on linen fabric
layout for ecoprinting
The glorious fun of composition as you lay out your flowers and foliage….
The wonderful and exciting results after unbundling
Ecoprinting on viscose after a tannin bath
Using up iron blanket experiments to create an apron. Soymilk soaked calico waistband and pockets to trick the calico into thinking it is actually a protein based fabric!! So one can get the glorious colours from the eucalyptus leaves.
Ecoprinted merino knit top

There is a world of fascinating discoveries and experiments to be explored in the world of ecoprinting. I offer the following workshops:

1)Ecoprinting on  paper.2)Ecoprinting on cellulose fibres and 3) Ecoprinting on protein based fabrics ie wool and silk.

I am also available to offer private one on one tuition, meeting weekly for  3/4 hours over a period of  5  weeks, during which we will touch on all these areas, materials will be provided, tasks set, and support via email/phone in the weeks in between. Approximate cost:$750. The times and dates will be decided upon after finding what works best for us both.

Ecoprinted wool-felted bag, using the ‘dirty pot’ method for extracting the glorious eucalyptus colours.