Wool felting

Make your own wet felted storytelling mat!

Storytelling Mat Workshop

Make a wet felted storytelling mat (or hanging or table runner!) using merino wool, a variety of silks, woollen knitting yarns, pre-felts, viscose fabrics and as many wonderful embellishments as I can fit in my suitcases!

No experience is required, only a love of playful experimentation with colour and pattern and texture. A great deal of fun!

When: 10.00am till 3.30pm. Sat. November 3rd.

Who: Evelyn Davis from Storytelling Threads



Where: Victory Community Centre, 2,

Totara Street, South Nelson.

Cost: $85 per person, and all materials supplied.

Book a place by contacting Evelyn

Book a place by contacting Evelyn

evadiva@xtra.co.nz, check out my albums and page on

https://www.facebook.com/storytellingthreads/  and please feel free to ask any questions if you need to!

I offer classes in wet felting, I make felted items to order and I sell felted items at the monthly Titirangi Village Market.

This flyer shows a few of the items made during workshops at my place and there are so many options of what one might make. Generally I tend to give an opportunity to make  a flat piece as well as using a resist to make a three dimensional object, such as this gorgeous pumpkin type vessel. Both these could be made during a one day workshop .

There are a number of other options such as learning how to make bags such as these below. These have designs on them inspired by Renata Kraus and Andrea Hunter and are done with wet wool, using it to ‘paint’ with.

Would you like to learn how to felt – a wall hanging, a ball, a bowl, a bag, a snake , a flower…. all or some of the above? If you live in Auckland, you can join a group that is already set up or you can gather your own group of friends and bring them to my place in Laingholm or I can also come to you!  Check out the information  about a felting day here.

Below are some images from workshops with children, although I have to say that children from about eight up seem to cope extremely well with classes purportedly for adults!  which maybe proves that it is not that tricky and that all you have to do is to enjoy playing!

I lead workshops in felting, for both adults and/or children.

Felting workshops can be run at my place in Laingholm, West Auckland or at your home or centre. One needs large table space, access to hot and cold water, a shared snack or meal, and a willingness to play! Prices are reasonable and flexible and I provide the materials and tools.


See my face book page for more information about felting.



The following photos were from a professional development team building session ( we met twice, in two evening sessions of two hours) during which the teachers made a wall hanging for the story ‘Bellbird’s Birthday’ featuring a kowhai tree. Wet-felting, needle felting and prefelt techniques were taught and then used. (Can you see the kiwi hiding by the tree trunk? it is still a work in progress, as they now have all the tools, techniques and materials they need in order to finish it.)