Gabriel running

Dear Gabriel, today we took pictures together! You ran the whole circuit of the playground and I took a photo of you as you ran back towards me under the monkey bars. Around and around and around you went, and each time your smile was bigger and your movements more exuberant, and it was the highlight of my day.

You reminded me of how easy it is to forget that it was only a few months or so ago that you found being upright still a bit of a new adventure. Now you  are  mastering full speed running and your pleasure and your delight and your wholehearted participation were just such a gift for me.

May we never forget how blessed we are to have legs and arms and to be able to leap and jump and breathe and feel alive. You made me want to dance, which now I remember was one of our first points of contact. Ah yes, I remember ……you did not care for the feel of sand on your bare feet on that very first day I met you in the toddlers room. I wonder if you like it better  now?

Thank you for remembering me and for sharing your joy in being alive with me.

(Recorded by Evelyn. July 2013)